What am I expected to pay for? Is this funded and free?

We intend to offer this programme as funded and free! We want to break open opportunities in the TEFL sector to keen would-be TEFL teachers from all walks of life, so we have structured a unique programme which is free and funded to eligible participants. Eligibility is essentially that you are 18-30, UK-linked (citizen or legal resident) and enrolled on our TEFL/TESOL courses - more info here.


This programme is designed to be fully funded. That means that, with no upfront fee for you to pay, we will ensure your costs are all covered in advance for everything that matters, including: meals, accommodation, support, TEFL/TESOL training/certification, and usually flights too!


This means you should face no upfront fees in order to participate, any fees that we do levy are deferred so that you don't need to pay them upfront - instead we pay these fees for you only after we have pre-arranged the funding that is needed to cover you. So, you won't have be out of pocket! We arrange funding through local project partners around the world or through the UK government.

For a breakdown summary of the funded costs and those participants are expected to pay, please go to go-to.co/what-you-get 

When is travel not funded?

Most of our programmes have flights funded! Please note, if you are applying for our shortest programmes in Europe after meeting us through a direct referral through your university then you might not have travel included. Please also read this FAQ to understand more.

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