Finances: What am I expected to pay for? What is funded, what is free?

For a decade, we have been unique in this sector - because we strive to only offer programmes that are free and funded.

We have an accessibility mission, we want to be fully financially inclusive.

We want to break open opportunities and adventures in the TEFL sector to would-be teachers from all walks of life, so we have structured a unique programme which is available free and funded to eligible participants.



Free means means that we won't ask you to pay any fees upfront or from your own pocket!

Ofcourse, running our company has costs. Instead of charging you a fee, we are committed to sourcing our funding in ways that mean our participants get free access to programmes.

Usually we receive funding through:

  1. local project partnerships around the world, or
  2. through colleges and universities that send us their learners
  3. or for students of our TEFL/TESOL course that receive funding through the UK government's Turing Scheme.


Projects are designed so that in-country costs are fully funded! We strive to ensure your programme costs are covered in advance for everything that matters, including: TEFL/TESOL training/certification, meals, accommodation, support.

Flights? Visas?

In 2024, more than 2/3 of our roles also come with full funding for flights and visas! As of 2024 this would include most projects in SE Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Bali).

Most opportunities in China/Europe require a self-funded flight. Anyone that doesn't usually need a visa for Europe will not need one for our programmes. Almost everyone will need to budget approx £250 for a China visa.

Other costs?

We are fortunate to have extra funding available to support people from widening participation backgrounds, this funding can support various expenses - from buying a passport to getting vaccines. More details here:

For a breakdown summary of the funded costs and those participants are expected to pay, please go to 

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