Eligibility requirements?

To gain access to our programme and receive funding, you need to meet two sets of criteria:

  1. Programme Funding Eligibility:

    • UK Connection Required: We reserve our funded spots for long-term UK residents. If you have legally resided in the UK for 4 of the last 5 years and you are a British citizen or have a British Residency Permit or Pre-Settled or Settled Status, then you are eligible. If you are an international student at one of our UK partner universities, you may be eligible for our Spain summer programme. You should contact your university if this applies to you.
    • No Fee Rule: We only offer programmes where programme costs, such as meals and accommodation in-country, are met through our pre-arranged funding. We don't wish to charge unfunded fees to participants - this means we only have vacancies for people that are eligible for our pre-arranged funding, so if you are not eligible for our funding then sadly we cannot offer you a place.

  1. English Teaching Programme Eligibility:
    • Open to All Backgrounds: Anyone with advanced-level English can join, regardless of whether it's their native language.
    • Degree Requirements: Short programmes do not require a degree. Some longer programmes, like the "Thailand Fellowship" might.
    • Experience Level: This is aimed at beginners in teaching. Experienced teachers can apply, but preference is given to those new to English teaching.
    • Age Range: Targeted at individuals aged 18-30, focusing on young adult development. More info here
    • Criminal Record: A clear record is generally required, but minor issues not affecting safeguarding may be considered (case-by-case)
    • International Assignments: Preference is for participants to teach in countries new to them, rather than their home countries or countries that they may be familiar with because of e.g cultural links or studies

Admissions Guidance:

  • Motivation is Key: We seek enthusiastic individuals open to exploring a teaching career. Your motivation can be shown through various experiences, such as youth work, tutoring, caring responsibilities for family members or other young people or a passion for travel and languages. Include your motivation in your application statement.

Eligibility FAQs:

  • Degree Needed? Only for some long-stay programmes.
  • Experience Required? No, less is more! We are an entry-level programme - this isn't aimed at experienced teachers.
  • UK Passport Holders Only? Nope -UK residency is the important thing.
  • Native English Speaker? Not necessary; advanced English is fine!

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