Eligibility requirements, do I need a degree? Do I need experience? What about funding rules? A UK passport? Certain age? Criminal record DBS? Native Speaker level of English?

This is designed to be an entry-level programme, for budding English teachers who haven't started, or who have only recently begun to explore this career pathway. For us,, the most important thing is that you are motivated and excited. There are also a couple little rules and clarifications - listed below:

Firstly, motivation:

We wish to offer an entry level programme, the intention is to give exposure and experience in teaching English as a foreign language to anyone that would like to explore this career pathway. We don't expect you to be 100% sure you want to be a teacher, but please join us with an open mind and an excited heart, we hope that some of you will take this as your first step into a wonderful career.

Previous experience teaching, or whichever education route you took, is only important in so far as it may help to demonstrate your motivation - but there are many other ways to tell us about why you feel motivated and inspired to join us. Perhaps you have experience looking after young relatives, organising youth groups, or tutoring online, or perhaps you've just always known teaching is a pathway you'd like to pursue and you've now realised how very exciting teaching abroad could be. Perhaps you are a linguist or a world traveller and are pragmatic - you know that the way to chase your dreams is to seek a global career and TEFL is a sector that you can see yourself working in. Whatever it is, let us know in your statement of motivation.

*Please note, if you have extensive links to a particular country, we are unlikely to be able to justify sending you there. Please email us if you are unclear.

Our programme's core requirements

1-That you are motivated to explore English teaching as a career! If we don't believe you would consider this career as an option then you might not be admitted to our programme. We don't accept mid-career teaching candidates, you should be at the beginning (or recently started) in English teaching, or ideally have no experience yet!

2-That you are an advanced level English speaker (we don't require mother-tongue level, just speak fluently) FYI: If you are enrolled on any studies in the UK or have gained educational certifications in the UK then we would assume you are an advanced (or above) speaker.

3.We run this as a young adult's ' development ', our aim is for participants in the age-range 18-30, as explained here ...This rule can be flexible case-by-case.

4. For our TESOL training (TEFL) pathway, you don't need a degree! But, to qualify for enrolment you will need to meet the training provider/accreditation body's basic requirements, these are shown here. Usually, this will mean having some kind of qualification that would enable you to apply to enter university. If you aren't in this position, please email us and we will try to check alternatives. We don't wish to deny access to the opportunity to those that aren't eligible for the TESOL and we can offer other TEFL courses, but we'd need to ascertain your motivation and check these options carefully, so please email us.

Our funding partner basic requirements are:

5-You need to be legally permitted to study in the UK. Usually this means you are British, or are not British but have a legal residence status in the UK, this could mean you live in Britain as a UK national, or as a student, someone with a BRP, or a variety of other routes. In cases, Irish citizens and European settlers are also eligible. If you aren't British and don't reside in the UK then you may be ineligible. If you aren't sure then please write to us. 

To travel abroad, you will always need a passport! If you are considered as having a 'widening participation' background then we can help you the costs of getting a passport .

Our partner programmes abroad:

6. Safeguarding. You should be considered safe and responsible to work with young learners. This means having nothing that could cause concern on your criminal record, there is room for reasonable discretion - but there can be nothing on your record that would make you a safeguarding risk when working with young learners.

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