Is there an age limit for this young adults development programme?

We'd love to work with everyone, but when designing a programme we need to make certain decisions about format, function, purpose, style and tone. We run this as a development programme for young adults to gain an insight into careers in teaching, accordingly our projects are aimed mostly at 18-30 year olds. If you are in a different age range and are very excited about the opportunities we offer, please email us and we'd love to help - usually we'd suggest over30s apply for one of our longer 6+ month career starter programmes, the shorter programmes are generally reserved for our 18-30 range.

Our goal is to engage a new generation of people to become globally nomadic English teachers. We want to offer this to people that are considering which pathways to take with life, we hope that through exposure to us they can avoid taking the well trod path of careers in London and instead seek to forge their career in this fulfilling and exciting pathway. Our projects can therefore be of most impact for young adults. In terms of finances, we understand that generally those in the 18-30 category often don't have much in the way of savings and so our funding opportunity can be particularly impactful.

The tone and setup is very much geared towards this 18-30 age range, and so might not suit people with more life experience. We intend and hope that all programmes can involve 'roughing it', backpacking, sleeping in hostel dorms whenever possible, taking intrepid routes and adventurous transport options (e.g lots of layovers and trains) and generally just gleefully making the most of what for many will be their first extended experiences seeing the world and engaging in entry-level work experience in the education sector.

We generally find that the styles mentioned above mean that our programme tends not to suit ages beyond 18-30 because of differing expectations, maturity levels and life goals. But we keep open minds. We don't wish to be inflexible, and so if you think this programme would really suit you then please email us and make your case! We will always do our best to help.


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