Which universities partner with Gotoco for the TEFL insight programme?

As of 2023, Gotoco has agreed funding partnerships with the following universities. These partnerships allow students to embark on our lowest commitment, quickest, TEFL insight programme.

We are expanding our reach all the time, for now these partners provide funding for our TEFL insight programme.

  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Keele
  • Royal Holloway
  • Strathclyde
  • UCL
  • Warwick

We are partnered with the University of Oxford but they do not provide funding for our TEFL insight programme, instead they signpost students to our TEFL Open Access, TESOL Primer and TESOL Direct Access programmes.

We have lots of other university partners that signpost our opportunities, but agreements aren't always in place yet.

If you'd like your university to fund our shortest programme, please just link us up with the relevant person. This is usually someone in the careers office, the global/study abroad office, or the Erasmus/Turing team. Anyone that would usually advise you about global opportunities!


Access to our university partnership pathway is a privilege for our partners. If you are coming to us referred by a university partner, then you have the privilege of being permitted to choose option 2 of our TEFL programmes. Please note, a partnership means that we are holding an agreement to work with your university, faculty, college etc. If you have an option to request a college travel grant, this isn't the same thing as an agreement between an organisation at your university and ourselves. We reserve this option as a privilege for our partners, you cannot join this path if no partnership exists. You are of course very welcome to introduce us to someone at the university that would like to have a partnership with us and then we would strive to assist in confirming a partnership. Otherwise, you are welcome to apply for funding routes 1, 3 or 4.

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