Will I receive a stipend? Payment? Funding? Flights?

Our mission is to offer inclusive and accessible projects, so we strive to ensure most or all major expenses are funded upfront. You can usually be funded in one of two ways:

1.Funding for university referred candidates:

We offer a custom programme specifically for our partnered universities, this is intended as an insight programme and is our lowest commitment and shortest duration (4x weeks in Europe), this programme comes with almost full funding. You can read more about this here, see option 1.

This pathway's funding covers:

  • meals and accommodation while on summer camps in Poland or Spain
  • placement and all support
  • full funding for TEFL training and certification
  • 100% of our fees and charges. E.g if you are coming through one of our university partners, the funding we have arranged will cover our fee in full.

It does not include:

  • insurance
  • flight funding 
  • anything not listed above

2.Full funding!

If you join our TEFL training programme and aren't looking to join the special university partner programme, then you are usually on our fully funded option! This gives you full funding. That funding covers everything, including:

  • flight funding 
  • meals and accommodation
  • placement and all support
  • insurance
  • 100% of our fees and charges
  • full funding for TEFL/TESOL training and certification

*A note about stipends for those on the TESOL pathway

Whether or not you receive cash payment/stipends on top of the funded elements will depend on whether you join a short-stay (sojourn, or summer) or long stay (fellowship).

For short-stays, we don't issue stipends directly to participants because these programmes are structured as all inclusive, this decision is partly because visa regulation in various countries may not allow stipends for work-placements because of work visa law. For long-stays, as you are usually on a work or equivalent visa, therefore you can receive stipends/wages, these would be in-line with the local minimum wage in country for TEFL teacher trainees.

So, short roles are not stipend-ed/paid but instead receive generous funded, thus Gotoco participants will usually receive: accommodation and all meals, cultural activities, as well as fully-funded training and certification for either the TEFL/TESOL or the Trinity CertTESOL.

Other funding pathways?

If you are not linked to the UK, then we probably won't have funding available. We used to offer hundreds of places for non-UK candidates, but COVID closed most of them, we hope to reopen them again asap. So watch this space, you can email us to check funding available on each of those.

Final remarks...

Funding is complicated, so if you have questions or anything is unclear, or need us to assist you with a grant application, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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