Will I receive a stipend? Payment? Funding? Flights?

Funding is slightly complicated, so please read on carefully, we have a range of different opportunities. What funding we offer will vary, depending on which type of programme you join.

Whether or not you receive cash payment/stipends on top of the funded elements will depend on whether you join a short-stay (sojourn, or summer) or long stay (fellowship).

For short-stays, we will generally not be issuing stipends directly to participants because this can often contradict visa regulations relating to paid work placements. For long-stays, as you are usually on a work or equivalent visa, therefore you can receive stipends/wages, these would be in-line with the local minimum wage in country for TEFL teacher trainees.

So, short roles are not stipended/paid but instead are fully funded, thus Gotoco participants will usually receive: accommodation and all meals, cultural activities, as well as fully funded training and certification for either the TEFL or the Trinity CertTESOL.

If you enrol on our TESOL programme, then this comes with insurance and flight funding too! If you do our shortest TEFL only programmes, usually you'd need to cover flight and visa costs - if this is the case for you, then we recommend you look into grant and scholarship opportunities at your university or school, or from independent bodies. 

Funding is complicated, so if you have questions or anything is unclear, or need us to assist you with a grant application, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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