Funding: how much money will I need to participate?

We founded Gotoco to offer inclusive, accessible, adventurous work-travel opportunities, so we always ensure the basics are covered. All of our programmes are funded in different ways, and some programmes have more funding than others. 

Items 1-5 are always covered: the below costs are always covered, irrespective of programme.

1.Accommodation and meals during programmes.

2.Local Language lessons

3.Cultural activities and excursions

4.TEFL training and certification

5.Programme support and admin help on visas.

Not always covered:

6.Flights/visas/insurance aren't included on all programmes, so these would normally be your main costs. 

Funding pathways

Usually, if you are referred through a university for a programme of 5 weeks or less, then your funding will cover all of the above points 1-5. If you sign up for longer than 5 weeks, and meet our funding criteria and commit to doing the gold standard TEFL programme (Trinity Cert TESOL), then it's likely you'd have all core expenses covered - including flights. You will still need personal spending money for any meals, coffees, drinks, or activities that you choose to do outside the programme schedule. You will also be responsible for your own pre-departure costs, such as vaccinations or any relevant visas, unless you meet widening participation criteria.

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