How do I get a place on this programme?

We offer these opportunities to achieve impact! We want to show people new ways to build exciting global careers.

Our roles are intended to be entry-level, this means prior experience isn't a pre-requisite -- what matters most to us is motivation. In your application, show us that you are excited and doing this for the right reasons and then we'd love to admit you to a programme!

Side points:

•Generally, we run this as a youth mobility & young adults development programme, for people ages 18-30), as detailed here

•We have various eligibility criteria too, some of these can flex at our discretion. For more info on these, please read here.

•Our goal is simple. We want to admit people that are motivated, for whom the programme could be life-changing! If you are already very experienced, or well-on-the-road to gaining the insights that our programme seeks to impart, then good for you! You are doing great things, but you probably don't need to join us. 

•Everything we do put the goals of our UK government funding partner at the forefront. We therefore always seek to act in ways that support Levelling up, Developing key skills, Value for UK taxpayers, and Global Britain.

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