What is the shortest programme I can take part in and still get the TEFL?

You can read about our three TEFL programme types on this link. The minimum programme length is four weeks.

Our in-house TEFL is awarded on the basis of 120 hours of training and practice, which takes into account upwards of 70 hours of teaching and lesson planning, as well as the 50-hour online course, delivered via PDF prior to and during the projects.

If you aren’t able to complete 70+ hours then the certificate will still be awarded for the number of hours you do complete. However, it would be advisable to aim to complete 70+ hours, which would mean being away for 3-4 weeks or more. This is because 120 hours is seen as the basic standard for most good TEFLs. For example, 120 hours is the amount that is required as a prerequisite for certain work visas.

Currently, our shortest programmes run for four weeks.

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