What is TESOL? How is it different to TEFL? How does this relate to my funding?

The TEFL sector can be a little confusing! Some people do a degree in TEFL and others do a one hour groupon course!

FYI: Like FYI, TEFL is just an acronym, it means 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language'. There are thousands of different TEFLs out there - with no overarching or official provider of TEFL. The acronym refers to a broad array of English teacher training and certification schemes, of varying quality and value.

In the TEFL sector there are two leading qualifications, these are the Trinity TESOL and the CELTA, these are equivalent in terms of prestige and respect. Anyone serious about a career in English teaching should immediately go for these qualifications, there is no need to do a lesser qualification first. These have the highest standing around the world of entry level TEFL qualifications, and are accredited by well respected institutions globally. You cannot work in the best jobs around the world, or in a British Council accredited school, without one of these qualifications.

More about TESOL @ Gotoco:

We are excited that many of our programmes now include funding and candidacy for the Trinity CertTESOL, which is offered through our training partner. 

TESOL, aka the Trinity Certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is an Ofqual Level 5 certification, is designed for budding teachers of all experience levels, it serves as a great introduction to key skills and practices required for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL).

The course is spread over 5 units which include 6 hours of observed teaching practice with real learners, peer observations and 4 hours of tuition in an unknown language. For more information on the Trinity Cert TESOL, please visit their course content page here

The TESOL is a course that requires hard work and dedication but definitely pays off, it will give your teaching career a huge boost while also offering a wide range of skills transferrable to other industries. 

In-house at Gotoco, we offer a basic TEFL course, this is a much lower commitment than the TESOL. Participants may choose it because they aren't sure about whether this career is for them, so it serves as a great and low commitment  primer for the TEFL sector, we hope those of you on this pathway will use it as a  stepping stone to get you ready for the heftier commitment of the TESOL. This TEFL is designed to prepare you well for your time abroad, while making you eligible for entry-level TEFL jobs.

When you apply, we will select which pathway you are given. You are usually offered the TEFL if you are recruited by your university to do one of our primer programmes, these are usually short-term (usually under one month) and in Europe. If you wish to go beyond Europe, you can only receive our full funding if you enrol on the TESOL.

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