Gotoco phone number?

We don't have a phone number for general enquiries,

However you will get an emergency contact number and a dedicated coordinator contact once you are on a programme.

For more on this and info on how to reach us, please check out this link:


Why can't I call you?

Our communications policy is to manage all general enquiries by email, this is because we need to keep records of everything and ration our team resources well in a bid to continue being able to offer free, funded placements. This is an extremely popular programme, so we get a very large number of enquiries, so it is important for us to uphold our policy of answering all enquiries by email.

If you have specific questions, please send them over. We may then log your question and share it as a FAQ on our website, in order to help other enquirers too.

​We are happy to have calls during programmes for any urgent issues, and once you are confirmed into a programme then you usually join a WhatsApp group with our coordinators which also helps with general pre-departure chats.

As we approach our project season, we will also have webinars open every week - you can sign up for these through our website, or email us to find out the schedule.

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