Can I do multiple programmes?

YES: with caveats

It is possible to ask to do multiple programmes, subject to the policy explored in detail below.

First, if you joined Gotoco previously then please read this FAQ. While if this is your first time joining us, and you have seen a few programmes that you'd like to do, then please noting the following:

•For now, you can only choose one programme. 2 weeks after you arrive in country, we can consider requests for extension/additional programmes. 

•We won't usually permit multiple programmes in very far-apart regions, but usually can allow extensions within one region - e.g SE Asia.

•If you are certain that you will apply to multiple programmes, we suggest you only book a one-way ticket for now.

Our general policy is below

We aim to be flexible on admissions decisions, and look at requests case by case. We aim to be as helpful as possible. The following info may help for to understand our process:

•It is easier for us to authorise extensions of stay within a region than it is for us to authorise you to go from one region to another. 

•If you did a first project with us and wish to do another, then you can request this and would just need to adhere to the rules in our returnees policy, linked

•If you did a short programme with us and wish to get your career started by doing a 6 month insight programme, then we are usually delighted to admit you and will do our best to arrange this - we really want people to get setup on to the teaching career pathway!

We may or may not be able to offer you multiple programmes. In general our decision making will be guided by these principles:


•Usually, we offer access to our programmes for between 1-6 months in duration. We won't usually exceed 6 months.


•If you joined us to work on a TESOL course, we usually need evidence that you completed (or remain on track or motivated with deadlines.)

Slow-travel, costs and the environment:

•We believe in slow-travel! Cultural exchange is at its best when you stay in one country/region and get to know it closely. Flitting between countries is fun, but you'd probably learn more if you spend a whole year in just one place. So, we don't encourage jumping around.

•The cost implication should also be considered. Is it really necessary for you to move between countries and spend additional funds on travel?

•What about your impact on the environment? Aforementioned points not withstanding, it will be hard to authorise multiple programmes if the carbon footprint is greatly impacted by eg transcontinental air-travel! Moving between neighbouring countries is easier for us to agree though.

Objectives of our funding partner:

We will always assess all requests against the objectives of our funding partners. If your request is rejected for a reason relating to this, we will inform you.

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