Returnee Policy: ​I had a wonderful time and would like to return, how can I do this?


As of January 2024, we don't anticipate having funded spaces available for returnees in 2024. Our priority is to offer a first experience and TEFL/TESOL training to someone. We would love to invite returnees to join us whenever available funding permits it. However, we have a very long queue of interested first-time applicants so can't currently offer places to returnees.

There is a small chance that we might be able to take returnees. However, this can only be advised to you on a short-notice basis, e.g. if we have late withdrawals or unfilled seats from our first-timer attendees. Where a space becomes available, returnees will need to provide a SMART action plan to demonstrate how another programme will specifically further their professional development goals in TEFL.

If you'd like to seek a space, you are invited to apply through our usual channels. If you haven't received a programme offer one month prior to your desired departure date, then please contact our team by email and any deposits can be refunded where applicable.

We encourage past Gotoco'ers to continue on their teaching careers. After gaining your first experience with us and a TEFL/TESOL certificate, you are well placed to apply for teaching jobs around the world or online and to continue your TEFL adventures. You are also invited to apply to Teach First and are able to skip through the first stages of your application to them as they recognise the skills and experience you've gained through your Gotoco programme.

The below is our usual policy, relevant in periods when we are not oversubcribed. Please note that it does not currently apply for 2024.

We're happy to consider returnees for our teaching abroad projects. Each request is reviewed based on its own merits, space, and funding availability. Our main goal is to help community members become teachers abroad. For returnees, it's easier to approve longer projects for career development rather than multiple short ones.

Preferably, you'd join us once for a short taster programme and then re-apply for a 6 month programme - to get your teaching career started!!

To request an extension for back-to-back projects, you must have completed at least two weeks on a project with us. However, approval isn't guaranteed and requires compelling reasons. It isn't a given that this will be possible, but feel free to ask!

Remember, returning isn't guaranteed and requires a review of your previous performance and progress in your TEFL course with us. Approval also depends on our limited funds and availability, especially as our funding cycle ends in August each year.


Mid-year we are less likely to permit returnees, but if you contact us in mid-June when we may have extra vacancies then we can often arrange something.


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