I received an offer, now what?

If we make you an initial offer, it means we believe that you are motivated for the right reasons + that we have space for you on one of our 100 or so programmes. If you received an offer, then congrats! We'd love to have you join us!

Once you receive this offer, our next step is for you to complete the final parts of our application, e.g sign the terms, pay the programme deposit and undertake a video interview. Once you have completed that, we can then finalise your offer by selecting a specific placement for you. This is called our allocations process.

During allocations, we do our best to take note of your preferences, whether it be a particular country to visit, a particular programme type, or perhaps a friend with whom to travel. We cannot guarantee meeting these preferences however, and we treat all applications as 'open applications', so please only go ahead with your offer if you are happy to adhere to that process. In order to reach the allocation process, we ask for a 'programme deposit' of usually £100 (more about this elsewhere in the FAQ). There are specific refund terms that you can find in other parts of this FAQ section.

Key takeaway?

It is important that you are aware of the difference between the initial programme offer and a final confirmed offer. The initial offer is a general invitation for you to proceed with the Gotoco application process, the final offer comes after you have interviewed with a programme and completed all steps of the application, which usually includes 2X£100 refundable deposits.

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