Can I bring my family with me?

Can I bring a family member?

Anyone that is a participant will be welcome on programmes, anyone that isn't involved as a participant or local team will not be allowed. If you'd like to encourage a family member to become a Gotoco'er, please do, we'd welcome anyone to apply and think family is very important! Please just check our other FAQs to see the eligibility requirements that could enable someone to participate with us. Bear in mind that this programme is aimed at approx. 18-30 year olds, with exceptions on a case-by-case basis. If your family member is eligible, then please ask them to apply. 

But, I'd like to bring my parents.

That's sweet, the Gotoco founders love travelling with their parents too and are sympathetic to your requests. However, this particular programme is designed as a young adults development initiative, we want Gotoco'ers to grow and mature and experience an exciting journey together. We believe it is important to 'cut the rope' for this sort of programme to be a success, plus it wouldn't be fair on other participants if some had lots of family around. We also require full involvement and commitment to our programme when it is happening, and so cannot sanction participants to take on any non-programme related commitments, e.g you wouldn't be able to fit in hanging out with family.

I am a worried parent and I really want to come

Please don't worry, our support team will stand in to help and look after participants. Their peers on the programme will be there to give them a great network too. As explained above, during the course of programmes we cannot permit participation of uninvolved parties/parents/guardians etc. If you have exceptional reasons for asking for this, please email us and case-by-case we can try to help.

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