I only speak English, is this a problem? I don't speak Thai/Vietnamese/Italian/Quiché

Nope! Not a problem.

Our TEFL programmes often prefer it if you don't speak their language - this is because they want you to help create an 'English only' environment for their students.

Language competency is not a requirement for our programmes in general! We usually give you some beginner lessons as part of programmes to help you engage, learn and have fun.

If necessary, hosts will assign you teaching assistants who can speak English and help you, there will also be various staff on the programme will be able to speak English. 

We recommend bringing a simple phrase book with you to help - just in case you decide to explore the country on your own when our programme ends.

If you are learning the local language, then thats great! We encourage you to keep learning, but make sure you only use English when in the classroom - if the school wants an 'English only' environment.

We have a broad array of local languages/dialects spoken on programmes, you aren't expected to know any of them.

These might include: Italian, German, Spanish (+), Polish, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, Guangxihua), Balinese, Indonesian, Quiché (a Guatemala local dialect!).

Oh and here is a fun quip, "a language is a dialect with an army and navy"...

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