Funded TESOL or part-funded TEFL?

Gotoco offer well funded education sector placements abroad, with meals/accommodation and placement support always included. Usually Gotoco programmes don't offer flights, however...we are very fortunate to have funding that can cover flights for anyone that joins us to undertake our Trinity Cert TESOL training programme! This option is open to anyone with a UK passport, long-stay visa or student status in the UK!

So, if you hold a confirmed placement with us, subject to availability, you are welcome to join us on the fully funded pathway with Cert TESOL! This funding will cover all major programme costs on a global placement (Europe and further afield), this includes all admin and support, insurance, flights, TESOL training, language training +... To access this, you'd will need to commit to completing the Trinity College London 120 hour TESOL training. Of course getting a TESOL is a major perk of participation, but is also a commitment that you need to work hard on to achieve. 

If you prefer less commitment, then you can join our TEFL taster programmes in Europe and just self-fund (or request university funding). You'd need to cover £480 for our admin and support charges and TEFL costs - and you'd need to cover your flight ontop. We have arranged funding with many UK universities to ensure the £480 is covered without the need for self-funding.

Further information about TEFL/TESOL is explained below:

People not on our funding get our TEFL included in their programme anyway:

Our in-house TEFL is awarded based on 120 hours of study and teaching experience. This is roughly divided up as 70 hours of teaching practice and a 50 hour training course. This is a crash course in TEFL, it is a great first step on the TEFL ladder, it teaches you the core topics of TEFL and will show you if the career is something you'd enjoy pursuing. As a 120 hour award, it would enable you to obtain first level jobs in the EFL sector around the world - we designed it with jobs in China in mind, but it is globally applicable for initial jobs in the sector. If you did the online version, this will have been 50 hours only.

People on our funding get TESOL, flights and other perks paid for:

As for the Trinity TESOL, if you wish to build a career in TEFL, then it is recommended to eventually go for one of the gold standard TEFLs as you'd need it for career progression. In absence of any accepted universal accreditation in the sector, the prestige of delivery partners is the only thing that you can really select for. In the UK, I'd recommend Cambridge University's award (CELTA) or Trinity College London's (Trinity Cert TESOL) as good top programmes to go through, we are delighted to offer the latter with our partner school. These TEFLs are a longer commitment, we expect anyone starting this summer to complete within 12 or so months, though it can be done as an intensive crash course too.

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