The systems and quality of health services vary wildly from country to country but local staff and the Gotoco team will be there to help you navigate the system if needs be. However, to avoid potentially high costs and long waiting times, it is advisable that you pack a first-aid kit with you that's well stocked with medicines for common issues and anything relevant to your specific needs. Here are some examples of common problems worth considering:

  • colds or influenza
  • minor wounds, such as blisters
  • mild food poisoning, such as traveller’s diarrhoea
  • headaches

Please also be sure to have enough medicine to cater to any long standing conditions you may have. It will be hard to acquire replacement medications in country. Among other things be sure to be well stocked on

  • asthma inhalers
  • nasal decongestant sprays
  • EpiPens
  • antihistamines 
  • other prescription medication

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