Phones and simcards.

Getting connected while abroad is an important step to ensuring things run smoothly.

SIM cards aimed at tourists are readily available in most countries, although they often require proof of ID for purchase. Those of you who will travelling within Europe may be able to use your British SIM card but should definitely check with your network about roaming costs and extra charges. 

Information on how and when to get the best SIM card for your location will be included in your pre-departure pack. 

In general, we always recommend you get a local simcard. If you have a modern phone then in thanks ot E-sims, this is easier than ever - you only need to buy an online package and configure it in your settings. We always book our esims on the Mobimatter platform here:

*If travelling to China, the HK/China esim will often mean you don't need a VPN to access Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

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