Do I need travel and medical insurance?

Health Insurance

To participate in our programmes, you must have health insurance for global travel. Your health cover should be comprehensive and cover emergency repatriation.

General Travel Insurance

It is not a requirement, but you may also opt to get general travel insurance to cover e.g your possessions and your travel itineraries.

Please note that travel insurance doesn't always cover health, and there are thousands of varied policies out there, all with different offers and inclusions. Travel can refer to travel & health but often refers to just cover for e.g gadgets and luggage, transport and delays etc. 

*Funded Programme...

If you are joining our fully funded programme, we purchase health insurance for you - which includes emergency repatriation.So you don't need to worry about arranging this. 

If you join a partially funded programme, e.g you aren't eligible for our funding, or you are doing a European placement and were recruited directly by your university, then you would usually need to purchase your own health insurance.

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