How much money should take with me?

The amount of money you spend on your programme will vary depending on location and how you spend your free time. Accommodation and meals will be covered for all participants in all regions but it's always worth bringing a little extra spending money. 

Do some research into the currency in your region (Asia will generally be cheaper than Europe, for example) and plan accordingly. If you're likely to have nights out or do extra travelling during your time abroad, factor those costs in. 

In order to lessen costs and the risk of being overcharged (taxis, tuk tuks etc), we advise that you familiarise yourself with the local currency before arrival. It's always handy to have a currency converter installed on your app and a check with your bank how best to used your cards abroad. 

Because most insurance policies require an upfront payment, it is advisable that you bring at least 100 to 200 GBP with you as an emergency fund. This could also be used as a safety net if their are any other unforeseeable problems. 

For a breakdown of the funded costs and those participants are expected to pay, please go to 

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