Coronavirus Update & Anti-vaxxer policy

The world is more or less back on track, so we have deleted most of our COVID policies. Wonderful news! It’s time to start travelling again, programmes are fully resumed at scale and we have lots of placements open everywhere. Please join us...

Last thing:

Do we accept the unvaccinated...

As we are not medical experts, we follow the advice of competent medical experts. If you are not medically exempt from vaccination, then we really really recommend you follow medical advice on this one...Apart from making yourself and others safer, it will make your  travel plan much less complicated, international travel remains fairly heavily restricted for the unvaccinated - e.g you are banned from entering the USA etc..! Trust us on this one, we plan travel constantly and it is a real hassle for you if you have opted out of vaccination..
We can consider unvaccinated travellers, so please do apply. If you cannot be made an offer, then your deposit would be returned anyway. In most cases, our programmes will consider you, though some remain reluctant because they don't want to be responsible for the elevated risks you face & they feel irresponsible bringing less immune people into their programmes in case it triggers infection among their learners and staff. 
Please consider the following before you commit to making an application, you have been warned:
1.You'd be responsible for any additional costs relating to your unvaccinated status, such as mandatory quarantine, which could be £100- £400. Please do your research on this as we cannot be responsible. Some examples:
-for Bali: "International travelers who have not yet received vaccination or have received the 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 (fourteen) days before departure must undergo 5 x 24 hours quarantine with mandatory RT-PCR test on day 4."
-if you are taking layover flights, you might need to do PCR in each airport. As of  16/11/2022  you remain banned from the USA, so cannot transit there, which greatly increases flight costs for S.America.
We rely on you to do your research, with non-vaccinated traveller rules ever-changing, we cannot stay ontop of those ever changing rules.
2.Normally we provide health insurance, but you'd need to source a provider that is happy for non-vaccinated travellers to be covered.
3. We strongly advise you to just get vaccinated, if you choose not to, it is at your own risk and expense. We cannot be responsible for any health complications that might result if you became unwell overseas. Accordingly, you can only proceed if you waive this and acknowledge that you participate at your own risk.
If you choose to take part, you'd still access all the generous funding for flights, TESOL, programme meals and accommodation with the 3 caveats above.

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