What does Gotoco standfor? And how do you say it..

Firstly, pronounciation:

We heard lots of mixup over the years on how to pronounce our name, sorry about that. For clarification, it is:

Go, as in to go somewhere!

To, as in to go somewhere!

Co, as in co-operate

What does it stand for?

We were founded to fight the model of charging students hefty fees to engage in mind-opening work-travel.

It has always been and always will be our aim to charge no direct fees to those wishing to participate. In cases where we need to charge something, we commit to pre-arrange the funding through 3rd parties before we consider recruiting anyone. (Usually this means working with governments, local organisations or universities to fund opportunities before we then seek recruits). Most of our placements over the last decade were entirely free/funded, those were all in China which got shut by COVID - we hope to re-open that model post-COVID...

We aspire to be a facilitator, not a coddler. We provide the networks, ideas, contacts and tools to enable people to take part in exciting programmes. We have created a system that enables you to have an incredible global learning experience in an affordable and independent way. We expect our Gotoco'ers to aim to have resilience, proactive mindedness, positivity and an adventurous spirit. If you would prefer to do a package holiday, we suggest you research alternative opportunities.

So, back to the question...what does Gotoco mean....well....When we setup Gotoco, we aspired to be the ‘ go-to‘ for anyone wishing to ‘go to' somewhere! But then we realised that 'goto' is not google-able and so we adopted the 'co'. Co came in originally simply because our URL  ended with .co! We have since backronym-ed ourselves so that the 'co' means company. So, we are the Goto company - or simply Gotoco! For more about all that, please check out this article.

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