I was given a provisional/standby offer, whats the difference between this and a full offer?

What are the standby / provisional offers?

If we think you are a great candidate for our programmes, but we aren’t able to offer you one of our few guaranteed roles, we will make you a provisional offer instead. These offers are only made to those select people that we would really like to invite to join us, but cannot make a guaranteed ‘full’ offer to. A shortage of placements on our side or a factor in your application can mean you are given a provisional and not a full offer.

If you choose to accept the provisional offer, you will eventually need to make a commitment deposit of £100/$150USD, this deposit means you are committing to join us for your stated dates if we make you a placement offer. Your deposit will be returned to you after you complete a programme, or in case we haven’t been able to place you then you may request a refund after 15th June. We will do our best to place you if you accept this offer so you will need to keep a period of 4-5 weeks in July available for that, if we make you an offer before 15th June and you decide to not come on our programme then the deposit cannot be returned.

We usually make these provisional offers because we are running low on places or because of a factor to do with your application, such as those listed below. We are committed to make sure every great candidate has the chance to undertake our placements which is why we make these offers. If you wish to take part in our programmes, then please accept the offer. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Application factors that could lead to a provisional offer:

-We are running low on suitable places

I-f we don’t have sufficient places at present for your profile, then we will make you a provisional offer.

Dates and application preferences:

-It may be that your stated preferences on the application form, or your available dates aren’t compatible with our programmes (most of which run throughout July)


Most of our programmes are entry level roles, but it may be that you didn’t demonstrate sufficient evidence of relevant transferable skills and experiences in your application

Local visa and legal compliance rules:

International diplomacy and local laws can complicate the process of making placements. This means that many of our schools are obliged to only offer places to candidates that meet certain age, nationality (e.g English speaking countries), work experience requirements and current work status requirements. International diplomacy and bilateral agreements mean that we generally aren’t able to seek visas (except in exceptional circumstances) for applicants outside of our UK, North America and European area.

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