Policy for Certification Claiming Process/Exams Policy:

Policy for Certification Claiming Process/Exams Policy:

1. This policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for the certification claiming process and exams policy at our centre. This policy applies to all students enrolled in our centre, irrespective of their study level and programme. We will follow the standards set in NCFE and seek to comply with NCFE ‘Regulations for the Conduct of External Assessment’ and ‘Regulations for the Conduct of Controlled Assessment’.

Certification Claiming Process:

2.1 Eligibility: Students must have completed all the required coursework and assessments for their programme to be eligible for certification claiming.

2.2 Certification request: Students can request their certification once they have received their final results, and their records show that they have met all the requirements for their programme.

2.3 Request submission: Students must complete the appropriate certification claiming form and submit it to the centre's student records office along with any necessary supporting documentation, including transcripts, coursework records, and assessments records.

2.4 Processing time: The centre will process certification requests within four weeks of receiving the completed form and supporting documents.

2.5 Staff trained with an appropriate L3 assessors qualification will serve as assessors,, their assessments are subject to audit by our IQA. Certification is issued in batches and an audit must happen in each batch for selected candidates before certification can be issued to any candidate.

Exam Policy:

3.1 Exam eligibility: To be eligible to sit for an exam, students must meet all the requirements for the programme, including satisfactory completion of all coursework and assessments.

3.2 Exam scheduling: The centre will schedule exams based on programme requirements and in consultation with students. Students will receive written notice of the exam date and time at least two weeks in advance.

3.3 Exam conduct: Students must comply with all exam rules and regulations, including those related to academic honesty and integrity. Students must also follow the instructions of the invigilator and not engage in any disruptive or inappropriate behaviour during the exam.

3.4 Exam results: Students will receive their exam results within two weeks of taking the exam. The centre will communicate exam results in writing and may provide additional feedback to help students improve their performance.

3.5 Exam resits: In the event that a student fails an exam, they may be permitted to resit the exam subject to the availability of space and resources. The centre may charge a fee for exam resits.

Final remarks: Our centre is committed to providing fair, consistent, and transparent processes for certification claiming and exams. This policy outlines the procedures and guidelines to ensure that all students are treated equitably and provided with the necessary support to achieve their academic goals.


Published by Daniel Parrott (Director), last updated 20th February 2023

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