I deferred my deposit previously, how do I apply?

Thanks for deferring your deposit! We'd love to have you join us asap. If you are now in a position to take up your deferred deposit, please do! Please just be aware of the following points:

How to re-apply? As you applied in a previous year, we will need a fresh and up to date application from you for this year. So to re-apply please just click here: https://www.go-to.co/re-applying/ 

Expedited placements? As a deferee, we will prioritise you for placements with us. So once you've applied, if you don't hear from us within 10 days of applying, please drop us an email and explain that you are one of our deferees so that we can bump you up to the top of our queue and get back to you urgently.

How do I request the deferred deposit refund? You will still need to pay 2x deposits in this year's round like all other applicants, however, upon completion of the programme we will refund you any outstanding deposits that were made prior to this year + this year's deposits.

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