Questions about nationality/country and language level

I am not British, Canadian or American, can I apply? Do you have native English level requirements? Is this open to people from all countries and nationalities?

Yes, of course. We want to offer these incredible opportunities to everyone! The only requirement for all programmes is that you speak advanced-level English. If you’re studying at a UK, US or Canadian university, then your English will definitely be good enough for our programme. 

If not, but you can demonstrate your English is good then that is also fine – we will just check your level based on how well the application form and CV/resume is written. We have over 100 programmes, all with different requirements – some of them require a high level of academic English (IELTS will need something higher than many native English speakers), others require only a conversational level. Most of our schools recognise that sometimes the best teachers of English are those that already learned it as a second language! 

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