Quality Assurance Policy

Gotoco's TEFL Society is committed to providing the highest quality training and development solutions to our learners. Our Quality Assurance Policy ensures continuous improvement through a process of self-evaluation and action planning. All employees involved in training and course delivery are responsible for the implementation of the policy.

We will seek the views and perceptions of learners and other key stakeholders to identify quality standards and performance indicators against which performance can be measured, evaluated and improved. Regular self-evaluation by teams in different departments, internal audits, observations, and employer and client feedback will inform our quality procedures.

To encourage continuous improvement, we will focus on developing engaging and relevant programmes, maintaining high standards of support and accessibility for learners, and providing information and feedback from all interactions with our clients and learners. We will review regularly the performance, training, and needs of all employees, encourage continual professional development, and offer training and development throughout their employment.

Learner feedback will be sought, reviewed and acted upon, and regular reviews with clients will provide feedback that will feed into improvements and changes to our development tools. We will support learners in applying techniques taught to them and regularly review the effectiveness of these initiatives.

The results of quality control monitoring will inform action plans for improvement, highlight issues that need consideration, and identify new initiatives and solutions to improve the quality of our development solutions. Feedback on actions taken will be shared with employees.


Published by Daniel Parrott (Director), last updated 20th February 2023

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