1.1 A complaint may be generally recognised as ‘an expression or statement of dissatisfaction however made, about actions taken or a lack of action’.

1.2. Complaints regarding Gotoco or programmes can be made by Gotoco’ers, their parents or legal guardians, staff, universities and schools/camps - third parties Gotoco partners up with. 

1.3 Gotoco asks the complainant at the earliest stage what they think might resolve the issue - an acknowledgement that the programme/ the company could have handled the situation better is not the same as an admission of unlawful or negligent action

1.4 Gotoco will not overlook any new aspects to the complaint that people may not have previously considered. Gotoco will need to ensure these are investigated and dealt with to the full extent of the complaints procedure.

1.5 Gotoco will make sure that any third party providers have their own complaints procedures in place.

1.6 Complaints need to be considered and resolved as quickly, and efficiently as possible.

1.7 Gotoco considers 3 months to be an acceptable time frame in which to lodge a complaint. Additional time can be given in exceptional circumstances.

1.8 Gotoco recommends that complainants and Gotoco attempt informal resolution before making a formal complaint, if it’s appropriate to do so.

1.9 After dealing with a complaint Gotoco will be in touch with the complainant to make sure all sides are informed about all aspects of dealing with the complaint and solving any issues. 


Published by Daniel Parrott (Director), last updated 20th February 2023

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