Safeguarding is the action that is taken to protect children (under 18 years) and adults at risk from harm including abuse and maltreatment.

Gotoco is committed to creating a safe, healthy and inclusive place to work and find placements for our staff, and for those who we come into contact with Gotoco through placements. To achieve this, we have a robust safeguarding policy and procedures in place, underpinned by role-specific safeguarding training designed to help to reduce the risk of abuse or harm from occurring, and to equip our people to recognise and report where they may have safeguarding concerns. 

1.1 This policy aims to safeguard, protect and promote the wellbeing of Gotoco staff and Gotoco’ers to ensure that Gotoco embodies a caring, open, nurturing environment for Gotoco’ers, staff and anyone who comes into contact with Gotoco. 

1.2 It is important to:

  • Ensure our processes and procedures support and promote safeguarding 
  • Ensure our staff and Gotoco’ers understand how to report any concerns 
  • Share information about concerns with agencies who need to know in a timely fashion 
  • Share information about changes to staff and Gotoco’ers

1.3 Before heading to their placement, all Gotoco’ers must complete and upload a DBS check to ensure the safeguarding of children Gotoco’ers will be teaching whilst on the placement.

1.4 We ask Gotoco’ers to familiarise themselves with policies our partner schools and camps have put out, to ensure all sides know what is acceptable and what is not, e.g. you must seek permission to take photographs or video of any children for purposes of promoting Gotoco, etc. 

1.5 Record and report any concerns - there is a duty to record and report any concerns about children and adults at risk.

1.6 Always act appropriately - staff, Gotoco’ers and partner schools/camps should take steps to ensure that they do not accidentally put themselves in a position where an allegation of abuse or neglect can be made against them and must always act in an appropriate manner towards children and adults at risk with whom they come into contact. This includes appropriate behaviour in relation to physical contact, sexually suggestive comments and social media.

1.7 Records kept will be confidential to Gotoco and shared in line with data protection protocols.

1.8 We have a zero tolerance approach to anyone who causes harm or abuse and will thoroughly investigate and respond to any concern and, where appropriate, report such matters to the police and/or local authorities. 

If you have any concerns relating to safeguarding, please directly contact our director team at . However, if your concern relates to a director, then please contact the coordinator or manager you have interacted with during programmes.

Updated by Daniel Parrott (Director), 31/01/2024

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