Student Recruitment, Registration, Certification


1. To ensure that all learners are recruited onto courses based on their aspirations, skills and attributes with integrity and professionalism 

2. To register individual learners for the correct programmes within the correct timescale. 

3. To ensure learners are entered for externally assessed units where necessary. 

4. To claim valid learner certificates by an agreed deadline. 

5. To ensure that individual learner registration and certificate claims are accurate and secure. 


  • Learners will be registered within the awarding body requirements.  
  • Procedures put into place so programme teams can confirm the accuracy of learner registrations. 
  • Ensure each learner is aware of their registration status.  
  • Inform the awarding body of any withdrawals, transfers or changes to learner details.   
  • Exam information will be distributed to learners and staff by the Exams Officer prior to the examination date.  
  • Ensure that certificate claims are made by the deadlines set.  Keep all certificates secure for three years post certification. 


  • Course leaders will provide information relating to courses for publication in prospectus and electronically. Such information should outline the requirements of the course, the possible entry requirements, progression routes and the possible careers that a successful applicant could pursue. 
  • Reading the entire prospectus and asking questions is encouraged to give possible recruits’ a flavour of the type of work undertaken and where possible an example of the method of assessment used. 
  • A period of time of induction will be given to learners undertaking new courses but it is envisaged that withdrawals will be at a minimum with robust information, advice and guidance processes. 
  • Course leaders will speak to learners personally who they feel may struggle to engage with the course materials and or the assessment procedures. 
  • Course leaders should always look to tailoring the methods of assessment to suit the individual needs of learners in order to make courses accessible. 
  • The examination officer shall ensure that a robust system of registration is in place to ensure that all learners are registered on courses in line with examination board’s requirements and within deadline. 
  • Such a system should take account of checking details of learners, the type of course they have been registered onto and the need to cross check all details with Course Leaders. 
  • Course Leaders will ensure that all learners registered and inducted on to courses will be familiar with Gotoco’s policies relating to malpractice, appeals and internal verification and assessment along with the policy on reasonable adjustment and special consideration. 
  • The Examinations Officer shall ensure that the transfer of data between centres is also completed in the event of a learner transferring between centres. The Examinations Officer shall ensure that all learners are aware of their learner status and that withdrawals, transfers or changes to any learners details are kept up-to-date and that examination boards have been notified. 
  • Course Leaders are responsible for ensuring that the assessment data held by the examination boards is accurate and that they can provide an audit trail of learner assessment and achievement which can be made accessible. 
  • The Examinations Officer shall ensure that timely certificate claims are made and that they are based solely on internally verified records and that these are made to the awarding body. All certificates should be audited to ensure accuracy and completeness. 
  • The Examinations Officer shall ensure that all records are kept safely and securely post certification for recommended periods of time in line with examination board requirements. 
  • The Examinations Officers should ensure that unit certification takes place for learners who have not completed sufficient number of units to receive the full award but can be certificated for the units that they have achieved 


Published by Daniel Parrott (Director), last updated 20th February 2023

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