Student Support

The main aim of this policy framework is to establish a simple, integrated institutional framework for providing support for students, which meets legal and regulatory obligations in relation to different types of risk. 

The objectives of the policy framework are to: 

  •  Outline why student support is a necessary and appropriate responsibility for the institution and all its staff and partners.
  • Set out a coherent approach to providing support for students who need it for whatever reason.
  • Indicate an increased focus on­ identifying support needs at an early stage  and sharing information appropriately.
  • Specify that certain processes, systems, guidance and training are essential in order to enable staff to perform their role in supporting students.

1.1 Gotoco’ers can expect full support from the moment they apply to the very end of the programme, and after. That means:

  • A confidentialpre-enrolmentadviceand guidanceservice 
  • Support with the application and enrolment process
  • Post–course confidential advice andguidance
  • On-going support with a learning support specialist 

1.1 The Gotoco team is accessible 24 hours a day during application process and programmes, to provide constant support for Gotoco’ers. Our team is available as constant back up and assistance with any issue or emergency. 

1.2 If there are apparently minor signs that can indicate at an early stage that a student is in need of additional support, staff should make an effort to notice these signs and act on them, before the problem becomes more chronic or critical.

1.3 Staff are not expected to diagnose or provide specialist support to students, (unless that is part of their role), but to familiarise themselves with how to access guidance for themselves and support for their students.

1.4 If a Gotoco’er is struggling during a programme we have several mental health representatives who are ready to arrange a call and help.  

1.5 The requirements of study may present some students with hardship, due to economic, social, or other difficulties. Where genuine hardship exists, a student may seek permission to review their workload or other related matters.

1.6 Student concerns will be handled sensitively and in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

1.7 Responses to concerns will be proportionate and appropriate, taking into account equality duties and students’ legal rights, and the prejudices which can surround topics such as mental health.

1.8 Gotoco aims to guide, train and supportevery student and utilise the resources available to all students to enable them to achieve their full potential, during and after the placement to ensure all Gotoco’ers are able to thrive in this programme. 

1.9 Supporting students is a shared responsibility of all staff.


Published by Daniel Parrott (Director), last updated 20th February 2023

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