I am an experienced TEFL teacher/I already have a good TEFL: Can I apply?

We offer an entry-level programme (1-3 month stays) and a career-starter programme (the 6+ month Fellowship).

On the short programmes, candidates are given basic-training in TEFL, usually via the Trinity Cert TESOL or a similar qualification. So, if you are experienced or trained beyond entry-level, e.g you have solid experience (over one year in TEFL abroad) or are already TEFL qualified with a course of equivalent standing to Trinity Cert TESOL (e.g CELTA), then you probably do not need to do an entry-level programme.

In this case you have 3x options.

1.We might be able to put you forward for one of our career-starter programmes instead - e.g the Fellowships (usually held for 6 months in Thailand or Colombia).

2. Otherwise, we may have co-ordinator roles you can apply for instead, just email us and check. These are also usually a minimum 6-month commitment, but case-by-case we can offer something shorter.

3. Email us and explain your motivations for doing an entry-level programme, at our discretion we can admit you.

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