I don't have enough time to get all my vaccines, what can I do?

It is vital that you are fully vaccinated ahead of travel. We are not in a position to provide medical advice, so please speak to a medical expert. A very good place to start is to check out NHS Fit for Travel: https://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/destinations/

Ahead of purchasing flights, it is essential that you ensure you are fully vaccinated. Otherwise you might need to cancel your plans and face financial penalties from e.g lost tickets.

The information below may help you, but please note that you should only follow competent medical advice. Our tips below are just for reference or just related to programme specific queries.

I am short of time? What can I do!:

In some cases, your medical advisor may have a way to expedite the delivery of a full course of vaccines. We have seen this happen for various vaccinations, e.g Hepatitis. Please ask a medical expert. If they can do it, then you may wish to do that. 

Your GP won't always be able to assist with this, if there are essential vaccines that you don't have time to obtain, we suggest you might be able to ask a travel clinic for advice. There is a fantastic travel clinic about an hour from a number of London airports (in Oxford), why not call them now for advice. Link. Most towns will have a pharmacy or other organisation that has a specialised travel clinic service, so please get Google-ing.

We never recommend you travel without the correct vaccines, delivered at the correct time intervals. Don't take any risks with your health. You risk facing life-changing life-long consequences if you don't take this advice very seriously.

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